Drupal Europe 2018

sitemanager • 10 October 2017
Event date 1 Sep - 00:00
Event location Somewhere in Europe

The format of Drupal Europe

As Drupal Europe 2018 will act as a proof of concept for future DrupalCons we decided to go for a MVP approach for 2018. This means that we will experiment with various concepts with as main focus to organise a sustainable event.


As Drupal Europe 2018 should be an event which brings members of our community together, we will introduce different tiers of tickets. The first tier will be for people that are coming to the event to collaborate on contribution & community work. This ticket will allow people access to BoF sessions, sprint rooms, social events and the sponsors exhibition hall.

The second tier of tickets is targeting people who come to this event to learn and to get updates from speakers. This ticket grants the person access to sessions and to trainings. With this ticket, the person is also granted access to the sprint rooms, BoF sessions and the sponsors exhibition hall.


In order to make this event sustainable, we are not looking for venues that can have 2000+ people in one room. Venues that are offering these type of rooms are very expensive and then we will fail in our mission. Instead we will find a venue with several rooms where people can watch the live stream of the keynote instead.


Our aim is to organise a sustainable and affordable event where people from the European (and global) Drupal community can collaborate together on tackling challenges and engage in order to make Drupal grow both as a technology and as a brand.

Our core values:

  • Engage
  • Challenge
  • Grow
  • Collaborate
  • Community
  • Sustainability

What’s next?

  • Call for venues
  • Setting up OpenSocial site so all the enthusiasm can be converted into action.

Who’s involved?

Want to get involved? Send a DM to http://www.twitter.com/@drupaleuropeor contact any of people listed above.

Dates are tentative!